Our future as the living room of our community.

Special Update: You can take action to help OSFEC!

The Joint Ways & Means Committee will be conducting hearings around the State for the public to provide input on the state budget. The hearing for the County Fairs as well as the Oregon State Fair, SB894, will be at the State Capitol from 5-9pm on Wednesday, May 3rd.

Senator Thatcher has submitted paperwork supporting SB 894 as her top priority. If SB 894 is passed, it would be truly life changing for OSFEC: Passage gives additional $20.171 million to OSFEC for infrastructure improvements as a regional emergency and evacuee center.

We've stepped up as a regional emergency and evacuee center in the past, most recently as an emergency medical clinic, a wildfire evacuation center, and a mass vaccination clinic. We're proud to lead our community, but desperately need this funding to improve our facility so we can serve as many people and causes as possible, all year long.

Senator Thatcher's office has asked supporters to share a brief 1-2 testimony stating support for OSFEC. We could really use your help!

If you can spare two minutes to submit testimony in support of OSFEC, please fill out this short testimony form now.

The Future of the OSFEC

The Oregon State Fair and Exposition Center appreciates the attention of our Oregon Senators and Representatives who listened to our testimony this week as we shared the ways we hope to expand our service as the living room of our community - not just during the 11 days of the Oregon State Fair, but 365 days a year as a special events venue and emergency need facility. We’re so grateful, especially to Vicki Berger and Arnie Roblan for their continued support of the OSFEC! Please view our public documents to see our plans.


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